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Serenity on the Hellmouth Awards
Round 5 is closed for nominations.
Nominate Fanfiction Round 5 
7th-May-2008 10:08 am
Round 5 Nominations Are Closed!

Nominate Fanfiction Round 5

To nominate fanfiction, please use the form below in a reply to this post. The categories are listed after the form.

Please read
the rules before nominating. Thank you.

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Author's Name:
Author's email or LJ user name:
Is there adult content?
Are you nominating yourself?
Nominate For:

Fanfic Categories:

Two new categories were added this round. It seems that we had forgotten about Gwen and Hamilton. Please let us know if we have missed others.

Badger Fic
Inara Fic
Jayne Fic
Kaylee Fic
Mal Fic
River Fic
Simon Fic
The Operative Fic
Wash Fic
Zoe Fic

Adam Fic
Amy Fic
Andrew Fic
Angel Fic
Angelus Fic
Anya Fic
Buffy Fic
Connor Fic
Cordelia Fic
Darla Fic
Dawn Fic
Doyle Fic
Drusilla Fic
Ethan Fic
Eve Fic
Faith Fic
Fred Fic
Gavin Fic
Giles or Ripper Fic
Glory Fic
Groo Fic
Gunn Fic
Gwen Fic
Hamilton Fic
Harmony Fic
Holland Manners Fic
Holtz Fic
Illyria Fic
Jasmine Fic
Jenny Fic
Jonathan Fic
Joyce Fic
Kate Fic
Kennedy Fic
Lilah Fic
Lindsey Fic
Lorne Fic
Miss Kitty Fantastico Fic
Olivia Fic
Oz Fic
Phantom Dennis Fic
Potential/Slayer Fic
Principal Snyder Fic
Professor Walsh Fic
Riley Fic
Robin Wood Fic
Spike Fic
Tara Fic
Ted Fic
The Master Fic
The Mayor Fic
The First Fic
Warren Fic
Wesley Fic
Willow Fic
Xander Fic

Hero/Heroine Fic
Villain Fic
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